Friday, November 23, 2012

Our First 6 Beers

Name: White Pine Wheat
Current Location: Rogue River Tavern
Style: Bavarian Wheat or Weissbier
Original Gravity: 12° Plato IBU: 11 ABV: 5.4%
Description: This is a pale, fruity, somewhat spicy, refreshing wheat-based
ale. While some beers may be described as being “malt” or “hop” forward, this
traditional wheat-based ale originating in Southern Germany has an estery flavor
profile derived from the yeast. Banana, vanilla and some hints of clove define the
character of this Bavarian-style wheat ale with a zesty, refreshing finish.

Name: O’Briens Red
Current Location: Sam's Joint
Style: Irish Red Ale
Original Gravity: 13° Plato IBU: 22 ABV: 5.6%
Description: Intended to be an easy-drinking pint, this ale is malt focused. The
light to medium body is garnet in color with deep red hues. The flavor is defined
by moderate caramel malt sweetness with a toasty or toffee-like quality that
transitions to the light taste of roasted grain, which lends a characteristic clean, dry

Name: Sheehan’s Irish Stout
Current Location: Rockford Lanes
Style: Dry or Irish Stout
Original Gravity: 15.0° Plato IBU: 40 ABV: 5.3%
Description: This is a very smooth and creamy, yet dry, roasty stout. It has the
delicate aroma of fresh chocolate and roasted barley. The flavor is well balanced
with the subtle fruity characteristics of an Irish Ale yeast fermentation and rich
layers of chocolate, coffee and dry roasted malts.

Name: Carriage House Ale
Current Location: The Corner Bar
Style: American Ale
Original Gravity: 13.4° Plato IBU: 23 ABV: 5.9%
Description This is an easy drinking, well balanced craft ale! We blended a
spicy, floral varietal of German hops that are often used in lagers with the citrusy
Northwest Cascade varietal that are a popular choice for American Pale Ales to
compliment the toasty character of this refreshingly light ale!

Name: Rogue River Brown
Current Location: Grill One Eleven / Marinades Pizza Bistro
Style: Northern English Brown
Original Gravity: 15.5° Plato IBU: 30 ABV: 6.5%
Description: A well balanced, malt forward nutty brown ale! Munich, biscuit,
chocolate and caramel malts are used to create a warm complexity. The rich malt
profile finishes slightly dry with a smooth earthiness from Willamette hops.

Name: Hoplust IPA
Current Location: Reds on the River
Style: American IPA
Original Gravity: 15.5°P IBU: 70 ABV: 7.1%
Description: An intensely hoppy hand-crafted American IPA!! We chucked 6
hop varieties in the boiling kettle and 2 pounds per barrel in the fermenter as a “dry
hop” infusion to express our passion for hops!! An intense bouquet of fresh hops
will greet you on the nose followed by the bursting tropical, citrus flavors on your
palette. We love hops and we hope you do too!!